To Fly, To Float | Opening October 18, 2014
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Weber Fine Art
Greenwich, Conn.

Art Critical | May 2, 2014
Myths, Mosaics and Ink Drawings
by William Corwin
A studio visit with Carin Riley

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Knarr: The Vikings | April 14 – May 14, 2014
City University of New York
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The lead artist for IP 3
Art Karlsruhe 2014 | March 16 – 18
Smudajescheck Galerie
Karlsruhe, Germany
Museum Acquisition Dec 2013
The Ulm Museum, Germany acquires for their permanent collection
‘Torso’ ( 2013 ) by Carin Riley
Adaptive Traits| September / October 2013
Smudajescheck Galerie
Rabengasse 16
Ulm, Germany

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Augsbuger Allgemeine
October 11, 2013

In the Mythical Land of Lines

The New York Painter Carin Riley at the Smudajeschek Gallery

“Structure of Flight“ is the title of this work by Carin Riley, a web of lines in gouache on handmade paper, finished with wood veneer.

Lines move across the paper with dance-like ease, at times obeying the laws of compression and gravity, and at other times led by the laws of regularity of pure movement and light. The creations of Carin Riley, the painter, are unmistakable. Her work, which alternates between minimalistic gesture and enthusiatic engagement with themes, is currently being shown at the Smudajeschek Gallery.

Soft forms experience no interruptions

Riley’s teachers were Richard Serra and Brice Marden, and their organic work resonates in her spare, elegant abstractions. Within strict parameters – sturdy handmade paper or collaged wood veneer, for example – the artist operates with a multilayered palette of forms and with the emotions that accompany them. Soft forms are not disturbed or interrupted by their hard opposites. The structures which Riley creates are normally juxtaposed only with similar or related configurations, as if the artist were operating completely from the impulse of movement. This creates a sort of playful unity, a harmony in composition. And yet the works also possess a strong thematic foundation. Legendary and mythological figures – Etruscans, or the goddess Athena – emerge from the patterns of the lines. The soft modulation of the brush-applied gouache stroke is the special magic here. The palette ranges from deepest black to a delicate veil of gray.

We can easily perceive real physicality in these intertwining forms, which can also be understood as the intellectual interpenetration of chaotic structures. With energy and humor, Riley creates something new from a repertoire of forms that seems somehow familiar. It is no coincidence that the artist makes frequent reference to intellectual matters: titles such as “Brain” and “Cognition” underscore the point.

Charlotte Smuda-Jeschek, the gallery owner, made contact with Riley two years ago when she exhibited works by a group of New York woman artists. Beginning on October 31st the gallery will host a retrospective of the early works of Susanne Muels and offer another opportunity to see art from the “Big Apple”.

Carin Riley Selected work June / July 2013
Weber Fine Art
Greenwich, Ct.
Featured in New York Times Ad for Mitchells (Spring 2013)

Prophetic Drawings Dec.13 2012 – Jan. 2013

George and Jorgen
9 Morocco Street
London, United Kingdom

UNDERCOVER (April 10 – May 2)
Slag Contemporary
56 Bogart St. #005
Bushwick, Brooklyn
Rapunzel in the Library (Feb 9 – April 25)
The City University of New York
Queens Collage Art Center
Collaborative Group Residency 2012
Utopia (October 20 -January 13 2012)
in perpetuum | forever
Queens College Art Center
UNFREEDOM (Sept 2011)
On view at Smudajescheck Gallerie, Germany.
On-Site Drawing (JUNE 2011)
Park Ave South, New York, NY
Gallery Show Out Of Line (26 MAY — 26 JUNE 2010)
at Slag Gallery, 531 W 25th Street, New York, NY, 10001

The New Yorker, Galleries shortlist: three consecutive weeks.

THE DRAWING CENTER, blog archive: The Bottom Line (June 23rd 2010).
Out of Line is a must-see promoting debate and discussion surrounding the primary aspects of a line and elements of drawing.